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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 11 (2001)

The article Information provided by the names of Alpine Slav women uses Alpine Slavic personal na

The first part of the article describes the possible involvement of women in criminal offences ac


The article is based on the archive material kept by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and

This article traces society`s changing views of women in Ljubljana from 1945 to 1951, the respons


The article analyses the memories published in the collection The way we lived - life stories of


The articles deals with the washerwomen from Boljunec near Trieste, the village where this servic


The position of a woman in the Bizeljsko and Kozjansko regions in the first half of the 20th cent


The paper researches the individual and typical phenomena of women`s legal status and their mater


The article explores images of sub-Saharan African women.

The article present the issue of circumcising women or Female Genital Mutilation (F.M.G.) which o

The article presents the author`s reflections on family photographs as a source in the research o


The article presents the memories of 1941-1945 war period as told by four people and is illustrat


The article brings a systematic survey of audio-visual recordings of all types about the upper pa