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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Stories of objects

Enter through the online door of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum. Come close to the objects that bear traces of the impression left on them by people. Listen to the stories of life's milestones and phases, of customs related to the annual cycle, of free time and how it is spent, of attitudes to the past and of belonging to loved ones and the community. Let us be connected by the threads of heritage also when we are staying at home.

Polona Sketelj MA

Museum objects are cared for by specialized museum curators who made a selection of objects to be presented here online as specific testimonies.

Painting of Breda Železnik
Breda Železik Svetlič, painting on glass, 1950s, donation to the museum. During and after World War 2, the painter became familiar with the technique of painting on glass and was a frequent visitor...
The word lepóč , lopòč or lopóčo has nothing to do with lepota (beauty in Slovene) although it is surrounded by natural beauty. It refers to a depression in a mountain pasture where water collects...
Čipke gospe Tončke
When bobbin lace making incorporates deft hand movements, family memories and local heritage, it becomes more than just a decorative object. The lace becomes a precious reminder of parents and...
Perfume bottle and half empty cigarette case
When functional objects lose their practical meaning, they can become a materialised souvenir filled with warm feelings. The perfume bottle probably still wasn't completely empty when F. the wife of...
Wedding posy and ring
Memorial objects are not only evidence of the deceased; they have the power to evoke the feelings of bliss but also the pain that life brings with it… Thus the slightly dusty wedding posy from Mengeš...
Children’s shoes
A mother’s memories of her young children are often retained in the little shoes from their early childhood. Soft leather sandals, to which the shoemaker has added heels, became a reminder of the...
Locks and plaits of hair – memory with DNA
Locks of hair from loved ones are often kept for emotional support and in memory: they offer direct contact with people and times that are no more… a first lock of hair of a small child, snipped off...
Cockta, the drink of your and our youth
On 8 March 1953, at the ski jumping competition at Planica, employees of the company Slovenijavino first presented a new soft drink called Cockta Cockta. On the Saturday morning at the address...
Child’s kurent costume
The child’s Carnival costume of a Haloze horned kurent from the village of Lancova vas consists of a sheepskin head covering with horns, a sheepskin coat, bells, a hedgehog stick and green leg...
Painted beehive panel
Painted beehive panels are an original ingredient of Slovene cultural heritage and a type of folk art that flourished particularly in the 19th century. The panels feature more than 600 motifs, both...