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Wedding posy and ring
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24. March 2020

Wedding posy and ring

Memorial objects are not only evidence of the deceased; they have the power to evoke the feelings of bliss but also the pain that life brings with it…

Thus the slightly dusty wedding posy from Mengeš captures the joyful memory of a happy day that is worth remembering for the whole of one’s life. For the next generation, it meant a memory of parents who were no longer around. It is the tragic story of a great love and the planned marriage of a young woman from Gorica, who was supposed to be married in Vienna in 1914. But the war happened and the death of a young soldier. The family memory of the girl who could not get over her lost love and remained unmarried until her death is preserved in the untouched trousseau, wedding dress and rings. The objects not only outlived the girl, but also most of the members of her family…

About the photographs:

  • Wedding bouguet with a ribbon, the memory of a wedding day, later the memory of the mother, Mengeš / 1909.
  • Wedding rings, the memory of the tragic family story about love and the wedding, which did not happen because of the war, Gorica, Dunaj /1914.