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Welcome to Slovene Ethnographic Museum!
The Slovene Ethnographic Museum invites you to visit the treasure house of Slovene and non-European heritage of the...
Pogled na razstavno hišo SEM
Dear visitors! Opening hours of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum are: Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00 Closed on: Monday Opening hours during Christmas holidays 2018 25 December 2018 – closed 26...
from 14.06.2018 to 16.06.2019
Slovenia is home to excellent beekeepers and the autochthonous Carniolan bee. There are over 11,000 beekeepers and the landscape is adorned by over 13,000 apiaries, containing around 180,000 hives...
Exhibition building
New museum admission fees start with the 1st of January 2019. ADMISSION Adults 6,00€ Children, students, pensioners 3,00€ Pre-school children 0,00€ Family ticket 12,00€ Annual familiy ticket 30,00€...
From the exhibition
from 02.12.2009
This is an exhibition dedicated to man and his place in the world
The permanent exhibition Between Nature and Culture presents the Slovene and non-European cultural heritage held in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum's collections. The exhibition I, We and Others:...
Ženske, ki vezejo pripoved. Fotografija: Tjaša Bavcon
from 20.12.2018 to 28.02.2019
Entrance to the exhibition Between Nature and Culture
from 09.03.2006
The treasure house of Slovene and non-European heritage of the everyday and the festive
Man as part of nature and as a civilised being marks in his own way the objects he has made in order to survive or to live better... In the permanent exhibition the museum curators and researchers...
from 15.09.2018 to 27.01.2019
Discover the treasure trove of memories, of the Cahari family from Nabrežina near Trieste, explore the largest private family collection of fishing gear in the Trieste region. The objects, coloured...
Uncover the beekeeping secrets of Slovenia! Every Thursday at 15.00, every Sunday at 11.00
Paint your own beehive panel, now a popular souvenir. Honey experience for every generation and every taste PROGRAMME • Honey sweet welcome • The story of the Museum Shop Lectarija, designed by the...
Museum Shop
The equipment of the Museum Shop Lecatrija is a museum object by itself. The whole interior including the chandelier...