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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 18 (2008)

The treatise addresses the following questions: what are may branches, maypoles and St George fes

The article analyses how the Slovenian national idea started to develop after the March Revolutio

The article analyses the contemporary Krpanomania in Slovenia as a phenomenon that represents the


The provision of food is one of the basic activities of man.

The article studies foodways through the daily practice of cooking with the intention of showing


The article analyses the attitude of the Roma Elka Strojan – whom we visited at her temporary acc


Diseases and pain are the daily companions of our lives and because of the mystery of their appe


The article presents a special segment of women's economic migration from Goriška to Egypt in the


The article publishes the principal data from Georg Göth's Topographie des Herzogtums Stei