Slovenski etnografski muzej

18. May 2013
1. September 2013


Guest photographic exhibition by Matjaž Krivic
Slovene Ethnographic Museum,
18 May - 1 September 2013

URBANISTAN is an international art project of Matjaz Krivic, which through photography explores the urban environment of the third world. The project aims to demonstrate that urban in third world countries does not necessarily mean modern and to draw attention of the general public to the slowly declining social values that are sinking under increasing pressures of modernization. The main focus of the exhibition is to search and explore the points where people and communities develop and intwine in the urbanity of humanity. In this context, we can also say that Urbanistan brings sophisticated visual photo essay of the primary human nature and human values.


As soon as you hear the word Urbanistan your imagination is whisked off into the traffic mayhem of Calcutta, the tawdriness of the neon sex nightlife in Bangkok, the unbelievable structuralised yet frenzied Tokyo, the suffocating and dusty streets of the (hardly) living body of the decaying Cairo, the roundabout of the hedonistic and aggressive Rio, the unstoppable narcissistic Manhattan, the global supermarket of turbo consumerism.  

However, Matjaž Krivic's Urbanistan is a miraculous anti-thesis to all this. It is a story from the other side – a story of the quiet loudness on the margins of total existential, religious, economic and geopolitical chaos. A story that speaks of the indestructible spirit and the eternal search of inspiration that enables survival. It is a story of individuals and social groups who, putting aside the racket and general urban angst, keep searching for the core of existence in a different space and a different time. It is a story of survival through play, prayer, tradition, rituals, travels, socialising and especially, a special light, that the author of the exhibition sees and records so well.  

Urbanistan is a space that allows you to take a breather from the city. Any city.

Boštjan Videmšek

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