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That merry carnival time!: A photographic exhibition by Primož Hieng
Museum coffee shop
8. February 2020
1. March 2020

That merry carnival time!: A photographic exhibition by Primož Hieng

That merry carnival time!, is a photographic exhibition by a photographer and journalist, Primož Hieng.

During his planned research and photographic documenting of the Slovenian Shrovetide customs, he arrived to an important conclusion that Shrovetide customs are being safeguard in numerous places all around Slovenia. But not only, there are many new Shrovetide figures and groups that emerge searching for traditions in their ancestors’ customs; carnival parades are growing; but most of all, Shrovetide traditions that have sunk into oblivion are being revived. Thus, hidden Shrovetide customs have become known to the wider public through work and research of Primož Hieng.

During the period of almost twenty years, he has documented Shrovetide customs of almost entire Slovenia. He has captured in his camera lens numerous hidden faces and their diversified and colourful appearances. Thus, he took photos of masks that appear far from curious crowds, as well as those performing at large carnival parades. A fragment of his comprehensive photographic work is presented at the exhibition That merry carnival time!

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