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NTF at the table
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8. February 2022
6. March 2022
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NTF at the table

The Slovene Ethnographic Museum exhibition OURSELVES AT THE TABLE: from the material to the symbolic is accompanied by an exhibition prepared by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (Slovene abbreviation NTF) with the title NTF AT THE TABLE. It shows a selection of the best typographic-photographic presentations of typical Slovene dishes or their ingredients. The form of individual letters can point to a dish or even its deliciously tasty nature while a fitting photographic composition complements it. The students’ way of seeing typical Slovene dishes is expressed and portrayed through typography and photography. A selection of the best items is shown and their reproductions can be purchased in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum shop.

In the academic year 2020/2021 members of the Chair of Information and Graphic Technology (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design) prepared cooperation between typographic and photographic  study subjects. The aim of the linkage was to create items carrying somewhat greater import. This was made possible precisely through combining activities. Thus the project “Slovenia - European gastronomic region 2021” was presented to the students.

Within the subjects Typographic planning and Typography in different media the students created a script that in a way is linked with typical Slovene food. So they studied Slovene dishes and their essential ingredients and created a script which through letters and other forms suitably represents an ingredient or dish. In connection with the subject Photography 2 the students produced a photograph of an ingredient or dish. The photograph was then built up with the script produced and a typographic-photographic gastronomic poster was designed. In this way they took into account the different aspects of a meaningful linkage between the two art-design technical disciplines.

Mentors and authors of the exhibition: Klementina Možina, doc. dr. Jure Ahtik, asist. mag. Tanja Medved, asist. Veronika Štampfl in Ana Mendizza

Authors of exhibited posters: Nina Benko, Hana Brce, Tina Cajnkar, Valentin Grudnik, Nuša Karo, Jure Klokočovnik, Urh Kokalj, Ivana Koron, Majda Kulenović, Nika Likar, Špela Lukman, Lara Može, Lara Mrhar, Monika Nemanič, Miša Oblak, Klara Oštir, Urban Selič, Nika Udovič, Miha Urbas, Klemen Vrankar