Slovenski etnografski muzej

20. May 2021
1. September 2021

Moments in time, exhibition of the National Museums of Slovenia

Thirty years is a period during which the contemporary becomes tradition, the present becomes heritage, tomorrow becomes yesterday.

The independent Slovenia was born thirty years ago, when for many, today was part of the alluring future and museums were three decades younger. Thirty years, a whole life, a period of growth and development, a moment of maturity, may be just a fleeting moment … The feeling of time is relative, for in the year that we celebrate the country's thirtieth birthday, we are also celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first museum in Slovenia. And so for us, these thirty years are a period of maturation, but also a moment when we look both to the past and the future. The exhibition which Slovene national museums have prepared emphasises moments that have fundamentally marked the last thirty years. Because of them, we have grown, developed, become self-confident and more accessible. Through them, we have widened and preserved the memory of the past – for us, for older generations and for generations to come. Museums are home to heritage. And that heritage is a guarantor of a confident future for the individual and the community.

Mag. Mojca Jan Zoran