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I, We and Others

I, We and Others

Images of my World

An exhibition dedicated to a man and his place in the world. It is complimentary to the museum permanent exhibition Between Nature and Culture and a space for reflection about yourself, other people, world and life …

From man's social nature there arises a need for a sense of belonging – among people, in time and space. Through relations with others we each seek answers to questions and shape our perception of the world. The environment that shapes each one of us determines how we interact, see, feel and evaluate people and things, concepts and ideas, knowledge and experience, the past and the future.

We may be alert to difference, we may be enthused by identity, but neither can be denied. Difference arises from individual experience, everyday life and cultural diversity, while identity derives from being human. The exhibition thus addresses the relations among the personal, communal and universal heritage. Rather than the visible heritage, we direct attention towards the question of how heritage comes about and what is its significance.

The exhibition offers a breathing space among everyday obligations and a chance to contemplate yourself and others, to reflect on the world and the life that we lead. We hope to bring about a sense of wonder and joy at the lively multitude of images of many different worlds. We do not offer simple solutions: this is a space in which to ask questions and seek your own answers, to exchange ideas and experiences.

For is this not also a way of belonging?