Slovenski etnografski muzej

Five Yōkai Monsters, scroll, Edo period (1615 – 1868)
The first floor of exhibition house
22. April 2021
13. June 2021
Embassy of JapanJapan Foundation

Yōkai Parade: Supernatural Monsters from Japan

The Japan Foundation traveling exhibition.

The exhibition Yōkai Parade: Supernatural Monsters from Japan introduces Japan's yōkai culture that has been depicted in pictures scrolls and nishiki - e, from ancient times onwards. It focuses primarily on woodblock prints and picture scrolls from the Edo period (17th – 19th century).

Through 4 exhibition chapters, which are The spectacular world of yōkai picture scrolls, The richly colourful world of yokai, Yōkai and games, and Yōkai passed down to the present day, the exhibition presents the way in which the image of yōkai came to change from a subject of fear to a more charming and friendly presence along with transitions in media from picture scrolls to nishiki-e that gradually have become familiar to the masses.