Slovenski etnografski muzej

Is This the End?
The second floor of the exhibition building
1. June 2017
30. June 2017

Is This the End?

Endless Questions of the Young

The exhibition titled Je konec? (Is This the End?) offers self-reflection of second-year students of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology and their thoughts on an endless loop of endings that, during the course of their lives, are followed by continuous beginnings and new experience. The exhibit raises questions about what, and where exactly, is the ending in one’s life.

It is the result of cooperation of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum and the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. Its subject matter is related to the Museum’s temporary exhibition Doors. Spatial and Symbolic Passageways of Life, whose author was Polona Sketelj (SEM 2013-2016). As a personal exhibition organized by the students, Is This the End? methodologically follows the exhibitions of visitors to the Museum organized as companion exhibits to the Museum’s second permanent exhibition titled I, We and Others: Images of My World.

Do come in, please! This exhibition will take you through many personal stories that the young wish to share with you.