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Photo from the exhibition
Administration building
22. June 2019
19. August 2019
The exhibtion is on display in the administration building of Slovene Ethnographic Museum between Monday and Friday from 10.00 to 18.00.

Hiroyuki Ninomiya: Setouchi Islands, Jewel of the World

Photographic exhibition, Japan

Within the Seto naikai sea there are more than 3000 islands, know for their withe sand beaches surrounded by pine threes.

The nice views embedded themselves with their beauty in the minds of the bypassing travellers so much, they were called the jewel of the world and are considered among the most beautiful. The ever changind land of the Seto naikai islands has meshmerised the author so much that he has decided to dedicate to it his life as photographer. The author intiteled his work with »Setouchi saisai«. To further mark the beauty of this soft and pleasant landscape the photographer printed the photos on washi paper.

The photographer Hiroyuki Ninomiya uses as his motif the Setouchi Islands that with their numberless small islets is part of the Kagawa Prefecture. The peculiarity of his photography is not just the motif, but also the printing method. Ninomiya has chosen a particular type of digital printing on washi paper, which allows the colour to seep and bleed into the paper creating a particular artistic effect.

Visiting exhibition by the Embassy of Japan in Slovenia.

Photo from the exhibitionPhoto from the exhibitionPhotos from the exhibitionPhotos from the exhibition