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Cockta 70 years
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3. December 2023
10. December 2023
mag. Adela Pukl

Cockta 70 years

In celebration of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum’s 100th anniversary and Cockta’s 70th anniversary, we present the works of five regional artists who were inspired by and replicated the cult image of Cockta. At the same time, we are displaying a selection of Cockta brand museum objects, which are kept by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum.

Cockta celebrates its 70th anniversary with regional artists

Cockta, the iconic carbonated drink brand with a 70-year tradition, is celebrating its anniversary this year through art and inspiration. It revives its heritage and story, which has been going on for decades in collaboration with renowned regional artists.
Cockta’s initial bottle and logo, created by the young architect Sergej Pavlin, is one of its most recognisable symbols.

In addition to its iconic bottle, Cockta is also remembered for the iconic image of the tanned girl by Uroš Vagaja and the unique taste made from a blend of natural herbs. All of these iconic images and memories continue to inspire artists across the Balkan region today, encouraging them to ask themselves “What are you made of?” and show its rich heritage in their own unique way.

We connected with five young and perspective artists from the field of illustration, animation and visual arts - Ana Lucija Šarić and Veronika Hozjan from Slovenia, Agata Lučić and Marina Mesar - OKO from Croatia and Ljubomir Stefanović from Serbia.

Cockta in the museum?

Despite its age, Cockta, a drink that has accompanied many generations and awakens memories and feelings of nostalgia and belonging, still fascinates both the young and the old. It is a drink that almost everyone can enjoy, and it is available at every turn. The journey began in 1952 and, after many ups and downs, perseveres successfully even today. It was the first domestic carbonated soft drink at the time, alongside shabesa and krahl.

The heritage of Slovenian brands was systematically collected and documented by SEM in 2009, and Cockta was the first Slovenian brand. Many would ask, does Cockta really belong in a museum? And the answer is: Sure, why not? As a modern museum, SEM strives to combine heritage and modernity, which together have the power to create a better and more successful future.

Artists: Veronika Hozjan, Ana Lucija Šarić, Ljubomir Stefanović - Ljubba, Marina Mesar – OKO, Agata Lučić
Texts: mag. Adela Pukl, SEM, Špela Linec, DROM agency
Exhibition curator: mag. Adela Pukl
Exhibition coordinator: mag. Maja Kostric Grubišić, SEM
Communication: mag. Maja Kostric Grubišić, mag. Irena Plešivčnik, SEM, DROM agency, Špela Linec, Atlantic Droga Kolinska, Svetlana Babić
Technical support: Boštjan Marolt, Kristijan Dolenc Rojko, SEM
Graphic design: Tadej Abram, DROM agency
Language revision: Dalia Roženbergar, DROM agency
Translation: Špela Linec, DROM agency
Exhibition was prepared by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Atlantic Droga Kolinska and DROM agency, Ljubljana, 2023.