Slovenski etnografski muzej

Arkan Al Nawas slika v svojem slikarskem ateljeju, 2009.
Exhibition building
20. June 2020
6. September 2020

Arkan Al Nawas: The Universe Works

personal exhibition

Personal exhibition of Arkan Al Nawas is part of exhibition narratives My Life, My World, an accompanying program of the permanent exhibition I, We and Others: Images of My World in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum. Visitors are invited to create exhibitions about themselves and their life, based on their photographs, personal objects and works of art.

Arkan Al Nawas. A Son, a Husband, a Father. A Friend. A Landscape Architect. An Artist. A Man of an Open Heart.

Born in Iraq, the Cradle of Civilization. A Student in Ljubljana at the Time of the Yugoslav Non-aligned Movement. An Entrepreneur and His Own Boss. A Supporter of Culture and Art.

Persistent. Patient. Optimistic.