Slovenski etnografski muzej

Permanent exhibitions

Between Nature and Culture

From the exhibition Between Nature and Culture

First permanent exhibition
The treasure house of Slovene and non-European heritage of the everyday and the festive

In the permanent exhibition the museum curators and researchers enable their stories to be told - the rich array of purposes for which our predecessors made objects, used them, and through time and space distinguised and changed their forms, driven by the universal striving after survival in the natural environment into which we were born.

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I, We and Others: Images of my World

Second permanent exhibition
I, We and Others: Images of my World is an exhibition about man and his place in the world; about personal, communal and universal heritage - what it is, how it comes about and what it means. It thus complements the first exhibition.

The exhibition offers a breathing space among everyday obligations and a chance to contemplate yourself and others, to reflect on the world and the life that we lead. We hope to bring about a sense of wonder and joy at the lively multitude of images of many different worlds. We do not offer simple solutions: this is a space in which to ask questions and seek your own answers, to exchange ideas and experiences.

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