Slovenski etnografski muzej

Summer Museum Night at SEM
Exhibition building
Saturday, 15. June 2024 - 18:00
6 hours
Prost vstop!

Summer Museum Night at SEM

Welcome to the Summer Museum Night at SEM. You can chose between free visits of our exhibitions, a number of interesting free events, workshops, guided tours at the exhibitions and a Geronimo & the Bullettproof Band concert!


  • 18.00-19.30: My Summer Night, workshop for children
  • 18.00-22.00: Handicraft fair on the platform in front of the museum
  • 18.30: Intertwined Worlds: The Non-European Collections in the time of the Non-Aligned Movement, guided tour with the co-author Dr Marko Frelih
  • 20.00-23-00: Geronimo & the Bullettproof Band, concert at Kavarna SEM
  • 21.30: Asia in the Heart of Ljubljana: The Life of the Skušek Collection, guided tour with the
  • co-author dr. Helena Motoh (ZRS Koper)