Slovenski etnografski muzej

Silent Killers of Afghanistan
Monday, 13. November 2017 - 18:00
2 hours

Silent Killers of Afghanistan

opening and discussion

ITF Enhancing Human Security and the Slovene Ethnographic Museum cordially invite you to a discussion to be held on the occasion of the exhibition opening by the renowned Slovenian photographer Arne Hodalič

Silent Killers of Afghanistan

The discussion on the Silent Killers of Afghanistan aims to encourage critical thinking on the general security situation and mine contamination in Afghanistan. At the discussion, Muhammad Shafiq Yosufi, Director of Afghanistan Directorate for Mine Action Coordination, Arne Hodalič, Author of the Exhibition, and Roman Turšič, Head of ITF Implementation Office in Afghanistan will exchange their views and hands on experience.

The exhibition portrays the brutality of mine contamination in modern Afghanistan and the bravery of those trying to resolve it. Through the camera lens of Arne Hodalič, you can experience everyday lives of mine victims, demining teams and consequences of explosive remnants of war.

Silent killers prey on human victims, without any necessity for food or water. Mines and minefields threaten lives directly, while at the same time they prevent the deliveries of humanitarian aid. They obstruct the access to educational and health institutions, and inhibit the use of already barren land. Silent killers neglect peace treaties and hinder development and normalisation of life in the affected areas.

The exhibition and discussion were designed by ITF Enhancing Human Security and photographer Arne Hodalič.