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Friday, 11. July 2014 - 18:00
5 hours

It's a kind of picknick

It's a kind of picknick is a cultural and culinary event where people have the chance to present and possibly sell their art( origami, ceramics, designer ideas for urban gardening, vintage and second hand clothes and more).

There will also be 4 cooks, local and international preparing their food.

The goal of this mini etno festival, is to bring people together and apreciate arts, crafts and food while sitting on the grass in the middle of the city.

A day with food, arts, crafts, second hand clothes and ideas for urban gardening.

All hand bazar - Home made products, hand made crafts and second hand clothes
Igra v glini / Igra v glini - Ceramics
Leplo - Decoupage furniture
Florideja - Vertical urban gardens
Ekološko Društvo Porevit - Seeds and plants
Articulacion Artistica Internacional - Batik and ceramic sculptures
Zavod Juhahu, Bazilika Timijan and Dario (Cuba) - Food
Kavarna SEM - Coffee, wine and hard liquor
Lady Electric Tattoo Art - Tattoo designs and artwork
Ars Origami - Origami creations and jewelery
ModularniVrt - Urban gardens
Antonia vintage očala -

Everybody welcome.

Free entrance!


Contact at Kavarna SEM
Robert Kutin
M: 041 729 619

Foto: Kavarna SEMFoto: Kavarna SEMFoto: Kavarna SEMFoto: Kavarna SEMFoto: Kavarna SEM