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Etnolog 27 (2017)
Nena Židov
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The role of public present giving to children in the first decade of New Year's tree celebrations in Slovenia

The article describes public present giving to children as part of the novel, socialist New
Year's tree celebrations, which the new authorities introduced after the Second World
War. It presents the ways of providing the necessary means, present giving to pre-school
and school children, and present giving to underprivileged, ill, and special need children.
Introducing Grandfather Frost as the bringer of presents, they wanted to replace St Nicholas
and Santa Claus, and point out the “new” attitude to children by giving them presents in
public. Present giving was part of the social education that was to fill the children with
enthusiasm for the new system, to stimulate them to be diligent pupils in the short term,
and to contribute to the formation of “good citizens” in the long term.