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Jernej Šušteršič - etnolog s fotografskim aparatom

Jernej Šušteršič is a less known ethnologist of the post-war generation, who was active as an ethnologist only for a few years, but who remained in close contact with the discipline during his entire lifetime. Šušteršic is significant as one of the first ethnologists, who not only acknowledged the importance of photography for ethnological research, but who used it constantly in his field work. Two extensive collections of his field photographs have been preserved. They deal with different fields of mainly material culture. The first collection consists of 538 photographs and is kept by the Documentation Department of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum. The photographs were taken as part of the field work of students in the Carinthian Jauntal/Podjuna, Rosental/Rož and Gailtal/Zila valleys in 1951 and 1953. The second collection,which has over 2500 photographs (and includes photographs of other authors, picture postcards and reproductions of drawings), is kept by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and has not been defined and arranged sufficiently yet.