Slovenski etnografski muzej

The SEM for children and families
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The SEM for children and families

Have an adventure with your family at the museum! Get to know traditional Slovene crafts and delve into the secrets of traditional and contemporary Slovene life.

The SEM's wide variety of activities for children and families communicating European and non-European heritage include exhibitions, workshops, storytelling events, guided tours and permanent activities like Little Craftsman workshops and Ethnoalphabet. Families can also visit craftsmen in their open ateliers where they design and make ceramics and woven textile products.

In the “Little Craftsman” workshops, children learn traditional crafts.

Ethnoalphabet is a playful labyrinth of objects and concepts through which children discover Slovene and non-European parts of the permanent exhibition Between Nature and Culture.

Little Craftsman (free entrance) and Ethnoalphabet (with the museum ticket) are accessible every day during museum opening hours.

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Contact us:
T: +386 (0)1 30 08 745

Slovenski etnografski  muzej / Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Metelkova 2, Ljubljana
Open: Tuesday–Sunday: 10.00–18.00 / Thursday: 10.00–20.00
Admission: 6 EUR / 3 EUR. Free admission every first Sunday in the month.

The SEM for children and familiesThe SEM for children and familiesThe SEM for children and families