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The Egyptian children and their nannies – the Alexandrian women

The article presents a special segment of women's economic migration from Goriška to Egypt in the 19th and 20th centuries – the charges of the Slovene nannies in Egypt. The name commonly
used in Slovenia for these women is aleksandrinke – Alexandrian women. The article presents the different groups of nannies: married women single women, and young girls; it then describes
the charges’ memories of their nannies, the nannies’ memories of their charges and the presence of the charges in the awareness of the descendants of the Alexandrian women. It then relates
how contacts between the charges and their nannies have been maintained to the present day and, on the other hand, how contacts between the former charges and the descendants of the
Alexandrian women are newly established in the present. The article is based on the findings and material from the research the author carried out in Goriška from 2005 to 2008.