Slovenski etnografski muzej

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Audiovizualni mediji na muzejski razstavi

In order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the theme at hand, the article briefly presents the development of visual anthropology, defines the concept of "ethnographic film", and outlines the condition of visual researches in Slovenia. The article`s emphasis is on the audio-visual activities of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM), which established a curatorship of ethnographic film in the summer of 2000. The central section of the article is dedicated to a concrete project of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum – the video film "Indigo caught in images", which was a component of Andrej Dular`s exhibition with the same title. The analysis comprises an evaluation of how the visual medium was physically incorporated into the exhibition`s installation, as well as its role and meaning in the context of the exhibition. The article ends with a presentation of the technical facilities of the Curatorship of Ethnographic Film and its principal future assignments.