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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog: death

The stories known under the names Zhuang Zi and Lie Zi present the masters as mystics to whom the


Presence of the violent death motif in specific children's folklore texts can suggest the magic o

My paper is dedicated to the issue of the predetermination of death in Serbian and Croatian folk

The article analyses the memories published in the collection The way we lived - life stories of


Popular definition of «good» and «bad» death is connected with the opposition between the natural

The paper deals with the documented gravestone inscriptions from two aspects.


The article discusses the preparations for saying farewell to the deceased in the ethnologically


In the traditional rural community, the time of passing away was always marked by magical and/or


The author presents Slavic beliefs and mythic notion of water as the dividing line between the wo


The author presents the history of the research made on suicide notes from the end of the 19th ce


Regarding to this article, we will pay attention to the frescos from the churches invillages of B


Dark tourism is a special type of tourism that started to develop in the 20th century and