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The Magic of Amulets
18. June 2014
Accompanying exhibition 
The Magic of Amulets
dr. Marko Frelih

The Magic of Amulets

Man has long believed in supernatural powers, in deities, in demons and other mysterious beings that influence his life from birth to death.

The Ancient Egyptians incorporated the influence of unknown forces into their belief in an eternal life and so as early as five thousand years ago had a method by which individuals could protect themselves against danger in everyday life and on the journey to eternity. They made use of small objects that had been blessed in a temple and possessed magic power under the aegis of the relevant god or goddess. These were amulets, made in the form of various deities, demigods, sacred animals and objects that protected the living and the dead. They were also used as votive offerings to the gods in temples. Amulets are intermediaries between man and unknown, supernatural forces. They are a medium that brings a feeling of safety in the face of the unseen touch and proximity of a mysterious deity. Thus in everyday life and the cult of the afterlife the magic of amulets played an extremely important role, leaving visible traces not only in the Egyptian cultural heritage, but also influencing other African and Mediterranean cultures, as well as European spiritual traditions.

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