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Kana Prosen
Datum objave 
25. August 2021

The most inspiring poetry received for the poetry competition on trees

As part of her residency at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, activist-in-residence Kanika Gupta announced a poetry competition How trees define our existence and change our lives?. The competition received a heart warming response and original poetry was contributed by many tree lovers.

It was very difficult to decide which was the best among them. Each one was deeply filled with emotions most sensitively delineated. Some of the words which have been most inspiring were written by authors Lučka Lešnik, Ines Nabernik Bošnjak, Ema Nunar and Tamara Podolski. Their poems are found on the photos below.

We congratulate each and every one of the participants for their most wonderful contributions and for sharing their love for trees. All the poetry will be compiled in an album and preserved in the museum archives.

* Cover photo: Poetry and illustration by Kana Prosen (5th grade)

Poetry competition was organised within the project Taking Care. Ethnographic and World Cultures Museums as Spaces of Care.

Ema NunarLučka LešnikInes Nabernik BošnjakTamara Podolski