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Etnolog 22 (2012)
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“Track suits” and “orange mugs” – “one glance is enough”. A discourse on the appearance of čefurji

The knowledge of the students in Ljubljana about the external image appearance of čefurji has a neat, socially constructed form and content, and this means that we are dealing with a Foucauldian discourse. A first glance, the innocent and amusing descriptions of the clothes, fashion accessories, and behaviour of čefurji are merely a superficial aspect of the discourse about the čefur as the “Other”, whose differs from “Us” in an unbridgeable way. This difference is seen by the subjects of the discourse as a consequence of the individual’s decision to belong to the čefur subculture, suggesting that their exclusion is their own choice. But if we consider the socio-historical context, we find that the discourse about the čefurji is part of the Slovene nationalist discourse about “južnjaki” (southerners, pejorative expression), and as such one the mechanisms of exclusion.