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Etnolog 16 (2006)
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Evidence on patron saints in Trubar’s Catechism from 1575

The slovene protestant Catechism, written by Primož Trubar and published in Tübingen in 1575, among others critically addressed the Catholic worship of saints and their patronages. The Catechism was meant for Slovene readers, but Trubar also mentions patronages, which were not common in Slovenia. The treatise explores which saints were commonly worshipped in Slovenia in the Late Middle Ages and 16th century. The evidence stems from contemporary church patrocinia, saint names which were popular as given names, surnames derived from them, sculptures and paintings, and other sources. These data defined which patronages and which saints, mentioned in the Catechism, were common in Slovenia. These are the following saints: Agatha, patron saint against fire. Anne, patron saint against poverty. Anthony the Hermit, patron saint of pigs. Barbara, patron saint against accidental death. Benedict, patron saint against poisoning. Blaise, patron saint against throat diseases. Sebastian, patron saint against the pest. Daniel, patron saint of Celje. Egidius, patron saint of some domestic animals, perhaps of chicken. Eligius, patron saint of horses and smiths. Elizabeth, patron saint of the diseased and poor. Erasmus, patron saint against stomach diseases. Florian, patron saint against fire. Gregory, patron saint of scholars. John the Evangelist, patron saint against poisoning. Josse, patron saint of the fruit crop. George, patron saint of sheep, patron saint of soldiers and knights. Catherine, patron saint of students and scholars. Cosimus and Damian, patron saints of doctors. Crispin and Crispinian, patron saints of shoemakers. Leonhard, patron saint of prisoners. Lucas, patron saint of painters. The Virgin Mary, universal patron saint. Mary Magdalene, patron saint of sinners. Margaret, patron saint of childbirth. Mark, patron saint against accidental death. Martin, patron saint of cows. Nicholas, patron saint of Ljubljana, patron saintof water sources, patron saint of seamen, ferrymen and boatsmen. Appolonia, patron saint against tooth diseases. Primus and Felician, patron saints of Carniola. Rochus, patron saint against the pest. The Rain Saints, patron saints against weather calamities and for good weather. Urban, patron saint of the wine crop. Ulrich, patron saint against fever diseases. Valentine, patron saint against epilepsy. Wolfgang, patron saint against arthritic diseases. The most common patronage was the universal patronage of the Virgin Mary and locally limited universal patronages of the patron saints of nearby churches.