Slovenski etnografski muzej

Čipke gospe Tončke
Datum objave 
24. March 2020

Tončka’s lace

When bobbin lace making incorporates deft hand movements, family memories and local heritage, it becomes more than just a decorative object.

The lace becomes a precious reminder of parents and grandparents, and the regular click of lacemaking on quiet winter evenings… It becomes an expression of the connection with the family and the local community that helped shape this heritage. These oval lace items with scorch marks were made some years ago, when Miss Tončka, for sheer enjoyment, made a Christmas present for herself. She was proud of the lace and had got into the habit of photographing what she produced. She placed the lace cloth on the other side of the table, but regrettably there was a small candle there, helping to create the festive atmosphere…

About the photographs:

  • Bobbin lace with crosses made by the father Jože, Žiri
  • Bobbin lace with fish, - a collar, made by mother the Lojzka, Žiri
  • Bobbin lace made by Tončka herself, Ljubljana
  • Oval bobbin lace cloth with a burn – an object with Tončka's story, Ljubljana