Slovenski etnografski muzej

23. October 2009
29. November 2009

Greetings from Cartoonia

23th October – 29th November 2009

Greetings from Cartoonia is a international cartoon project.





Greetings from Cartoonia is an international comic-strip project produced by Forum Ljubljana, Stripburger magazine, and a number of associated Slovene and foreign organizations.
The works, which were created for the exhibition in the print workshops of the International Centre of Graphic Arts, are the result of a lively intercultural dialogue. Artists from abroad were given the task of creating a portrait of Slovenia, while artists living in Slovenia were asked to make a portrait of the countries their foreign colleagues come from. The comics present us with an unconventional look at the countries of Europe and their inhabitants, which transcends national stereotypes and cultural differences in its fantastic interpretations and humor. To coincide with the exhibition, a special edition of Stripburger magazine will be released – Greetings from Cartoonia (Pozdravi iz Striponije) – and a diverse program of events is also planned, including a poetry reading, a discussion, a jam session, and animated films.