Slovenski etnografski muzej

Me – my personal world

Janja Žagar

Who, then, am I? Where do I come from and where am I going?

Man's personality is ...
… the whole of his qualities, experiences, behaviour, and knowledge. A small part of his personality is innate, but the greater part develops and changes throughout his life.

A particular feature of mankind is the selection and arrangement of memories, knowledge, and experiences into a whole. This is how man adapts to changes and plans for the future.
A further typical feature of mankind is the need to control the environment and to understand the world. Therefore, every society and every individual poses fundamental questions on the origin and meaning of his own life and life in general.
An individual develops his personality in coexistence with others and this helps him to get to know and define himself. The course of an individual's life is a unique experience, and man's personality is the unique whole of his identities.

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