Slovenski etnografski muzej

Filmografija / Images of daily life in Slovenia's past

Images of daily life in Slovenia's past
Filmski zapisi
Script and text Gorazd Makarovič, illustrations and animations Irena Romih, directed and edited by Amir Muratović, camrera Bojan Kastelic, Robert Doplihar, Nadja Valentinčič Furlan, film trick Rasto Novakovič, music composed and performed by Tomaž Rauch, production Slovene Ethnographic Museum. Betacam, (DVD edition), 13 minutes.

The film Images of daily life in Slovenia's past introduces the Slovene Ethnographic Museums's permanent exhibition.

If offers a brief insight into important aspects of daily life in the past, covering the migration of the Slavs onot territory of the current Slovenia, their dwellings and farming methods, the apperance of castles and towns, peasant revolts, the publication of the first book in Slovene and the development of new transport means in the Early Modern Ages. There are few archeological finds, frescos or books bearing witness to this time, so the film also makes use of animations and reconstructions of Farming and handicraft tasks.

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